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Help Stefanie get to the 2022 Mongol Derby while at the same time supporting Right To Play initiatives. All funds raised will be split evenly between the two with the aim to raise 15,000 CHF in total (with 7,500 CHF being donated to each). 

Head over to GoFundMe to donate and join the adventure!  

Any Donation: Regular newsletter updates on Stefanie's Mighty Mongolian Adventure and her undying gratitude 

50 CHF & Up: Above, plus a handwritten postcard from Mongolia

100 CHF & Up: Above, plus a very special Mongolian treasure, a shout out on Instagram and your name being added to the wall of gratitude on the website

200 CHF & Up: Above, plus the ability to name one of the 25 Mongolian horses to be ridden in the race. You will also receive a lock of its mane, photos and a dedicated Instagram post about that leg of the race. 

300 CHF & Up: Above, plus a commemorative photo book and t-shirt. 

In-Kind Donations are also accepted! Spread the word and follow my social media accounts in order to help connect me with possible sponsorship, media exposure, riding/training or fundraising opportunities. I am also available for paid help in support of the Mongol Derby whether that is offering affordable riding lessons/horse training or assistance with chores and errands. Every little bit helps! :-) 

Corporate sponsorship are available as well. Please click here for further information. 

Wall of Gratitude

Thank you to the following individuals for their generosity and support! 

  • Nanni Tausendfreund

  • Jeremy Weyland & Family 

  • Melissa Weyland & Family 

  • Andri Buettner 

Photo Credit: The Adventurists